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    This page provides instructions on how to access this site.

    (Note: if you are a University of Queensland staff member participating in the face-to-face course 'virtual worlds for teaching and learning' please read the special instructions).

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      Accessing this site

      Method 1 - Guests Access

      Some courses on this site are open to the public.

      In this case to gain access you just click the course link, no username or password is needed.

      Such courses are indicated by the head icon:guest icon. In such courses guests will be given automatic access to view content on a 'read only' basis within the course however guests cannot participate in activity (quizzes, discussion forums, blogs etc).

      Method 2 - Access for Registered Users

      All other non-guest courses are only open to registered users who also need to be 'enroled' in the given course.

      In this case you will need a username and password.

      2.1 Registering

      The first step is to register by creating an account on this website. The good news is that you can create an account yourself if you have a valid email address from one of the permitted domains.

      If you do not have an email address with one of the permitted domains you can send an email message to 'info [at]' and request an account to be manually created for you and/or request that the domain for your institution be added to the list of permitted domains. You need to provide your name and organisation or institution affiliation so we can identify you.

      To self-register an account on this website via a permitted domain:

      1. Go to the login page, scroll down and look for the 'create new account' button. The permitted domains and password guidelines are also listed on the same page.
      2. The sign-up form will appear
        Reminder: when creating your account
        • You can choose any username and password provided it meets the criteria listed on the login page.
        • You must use a valid email address from one of the permitted domains (these were shown on the login page) when filling in the email address boxes.
      3. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. It contains a confirmation link. Click the link to confirm your account. Note: it can take up to 15 minutes for this email to arrive.
      2.2 Enrolment

      The second step to gaining course access is enrolment.

      All non-guest courses require enrolment in order to access them.

      Any assessment items within a given course are only accessible to enroled users, regardless of the course being open to guests or not.

      To be a enroled in a course you must first be a registered user (have an account on this website - see previous step).

      A subset of courses will allow self-enrolment for registered users and these courses are indicated by the open door icon self-enrolment icon.

      To self enrol in a course:

      • first click on the course title,
      • an 'enrol me' link or button will appear.
      • click this link or button and you will be enroled into the course.

      Note: you only need to enrol once per course, after which you will be allowed straight in.

      If a course does not have a guest or self enrolment icon then you can request this to be done by the admin, if agreed, they will need to manually enrol you in the course.

      Those undertaking face-to-face courses with us may have alternative arrangements in place in which case we will advise you directly as to how access will be granted.